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Colourful Reports from Minority Rights Group

This afternoon I’ve been sorting through some boxes of journals and other publications that have been sat in our back room waiting to be sorted and catalogued. Among them were these lovely reports by the Minority Rights Group.

These in depth reports raise the profile of minority and indigenous groups around the world: The Batma Pygmies of the Great Lakes Regions, The Chinese of South East Asia, Native Peoples of the Russian Far North, Tajikistan: The Forgotten Civil War. Interesting titles, and the beautiful black and white photographs on the covers really make you want to find out more.

As I lined them up to check for duplicates I realised how colourful they are as a set. I’m not sure yet whether we’re going to keep these for the library or not, but as they are so attractive I thought I’d share a couple of pics (and prompt you to take a look at the Minority Rights Group if you aren’t familiar with their work).

Image of Minority Rigts Group reports
Colourful Minority Rights Group reports
Image of Minority Rights Group reports
Minority Rights Group Reports
Image of Minority Rights Group reports
More Minority Rights Group reports



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