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A Very Merry and Colourful Christmas!

Christmas is almost upon us and since the good folk at Archives+ digitised our Christmas card collection in preparation for their Christmas extravaganza I can share the whole series with you here on the blog!

Isn’t Christmas around the world wonderfully colourful? Christmas designs here in the UK traditionally favour white and green and red (and let’s be honest, the day itself is usually pretty grey, however hard we wish for a white Christmas), but this collection reveals familiar Christmas imagery through the diverse visual traditions of other cultures.

I think the Peruvian woman with her voluminous red skirts, candle and little dog is my favourite. What’s yours?

PS – this collection is still growing, and lots of countries and cultures aren’t yet represented, so if you receive any interesting international Christmas cards this year please do consider donating them to us.

By aiucentre

An open access library specialising in the study of race, ethnicity and migration. Part of the University of Manchester and based at Manchester Central Library.

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